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Palmistry Reading APK is a free to use APK For your best knowledge of Palmistry. Have you always been interested in the meaning of the lines on your palms? Or what is your palm talking about? We will give a full description of the palm reader online. Also, there is an option of palmistry online.

With this online application, you will not be difficult, with easily learn the fundamentals of palmistry decoder. Find out what future the lines on your palms predict.

Palmistry History:-

In the Middle Ages, palmistry was considered as a science. And today it is no less popular and interesting to people. Each person has his own fate, which can be learned from the lines on his hand.

Palmistry Definition

The ability to read human destiny by the palm of your hand is just knowledge, experience and logical thinking, and not some otherworldly phenomena is called Palmistry.

Palmistry is a developing science that is accessible to those who can think and analyze. To tell fortunes by hand, knowledge in medicine and any sciences is not required.

It is possible for everybody to do it at least every day. Palmistry Say researches and analyzes features of a palm print, palm length, palm width and finger length, and performs tens of millions of professional simulation operations so that we can provide you with professional palmistry report to help you learn the secrets of your hand.

★ Palmistry Prediction:

Unravel your fate by knowing the interpretation of the 3 major lines of heart, head & life in chiromancy using our renowned palmistry scan. The heart line explains love, friendship & marriage, & the headline focuses on career, success, wealth. Lifeline gives an understanding of health & energy. Just scan your palm and let the app read your lines to reveal your personality, fate & fortunes.

★ Constellation Encyclopedia:

View all Horoscope with Fortune Prediction, Love Compatibility, Cosmical Mood, Health, Palm Reader and much more. The app covers all zodiac signs(rashi): Aries (mesh), Taurus (vrishabha), Gemini (mithun), Cancer (kark), Leo (singh), Virgo (kanya), Libra (tula), Scorpio (vrishchika), Sagittarius (dhanu), Capricorn (makar), Aquarius (kumbh) & Pisces (meen).

★Psychological Test:

Discover through the figures that you will find in the psychological test, the hidden characteristics of your personality.

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