Notify Online – Last Seen

Notify Online – Last Seen gives you report and warning of your children’s online activities. Children are currently spending abundant measure of time via online media applications.

They keep themselves occupied in online visits and all, spending less and less time in true activities; which is awful for their psychological and actual wellbeing as they are getting increasingly more dynamic online.

Notify Online – Last Seen gives you warning at whatever point your children gets online, it additionally notify you when your children got disconnected. You can likewise check the itemized report of their online last seen activities. You can check their day by day and week after week application use, which will give you thought regarding how long they are spending online.

With Notify Online – Last Seen you can follow and deal with your children’s online presence.

Notify Online – Last Seen gives you the instrument with which you can make your children less dynamic online and more dynamic, all things considered, activities.


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